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The most powerful small business software in the cloud

Small business software suite including accounting, payroll, banking, inventory, projects, CRM and ecommerce, all a single system delivers real time visibility across your entire business. The software is hosted in The Cloud which dramatically lowers set-up and maintenance time and license costs as well as providing access anytime from anywhere on any web enabled device.

Consolidating your entire business around a single database and customer record means you can run your business efficiently by eliminating duplication of information and developing companywide processes and business language.

The software is developed and run by NetSuite to give you peace of mind and practically limitless potential.

Start with 1 user for as little as $49/month and add users and functionality as your business grows.

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About Us

Stop wasting time using and managing out of date or single dimensional software products that just slow you down. Sign-up to JCurve and let us help you reach your peak potential.

Our goal as a performance software partner is to meet the complete business management needs of growing small and medium businesses in Australia and New Zealand. We are the only provider of a fully featured, fully integrated system specifically tailored to the requirements of such business in the region. Our software is delivered in the ‘Cloud’ and is already helping thousands of customers globally and over 1000 here in Australia. We know that small businesses want management tools that simply work - that do what you expect them to do.

We also recognise that you need more than just accounting software with bolt on applications and spreadsheets to run your business. This is precisely why JCurve was formed. Through our comprehensive range of products and services you can now have just the right product at just the right price. We are truly bringing you Enterprise solutions and Small business prices. No other software provider can take you from 1 to 1000 employees.

JCurve has a strategic technology alliance with NetSuite and together we ensure that we have the most up to date business software technology and functionality available anywhere in the world today. This technology alliance together with our localised sales, accounting and support partners provide the best possible solutions to aspirational small and medium businesses.