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Analyse how competitive you really are.

Benchmarkme is all about helping business "decision-makers" in their Salary Review process. We understand that you spend a great deal of time and effort to try and accurately gauge what is a fair and reasonable salary for each of your staff. Examples of our users include Business Owners, HR Managers and senior managers.

Benchmarkme is an independent company that provides a tool that allows organisations to quickly and accurately enter each staff member’s details in a secure web-based environment. Examples of participating industries include Accounting and Not for Profit.

Instantly you are able to compare directly with your peers, and in most cases, your competitors. Confidentiality and trust are the cornerstones of the service we provide.

Customer Surveys
Understand your customers better. Understand your competitor's customers too!

Benchmarkme is able to quickly survey your customers to find out more about their thoughts and needs. If needed, we are also able to survey your competitor's customers and find out how you compare. Benchmark both internally and externally. All this is done in a strictly confidential and secure manner.

Our History
Having worked with one of the Big 4 accounting firms for 10 years, we know how critical it is to not only pay professional staff a fair and reasonable salary but also to have a charge-out rate that is within the industry standard. We realise that the market in SA for example, is different to that in the Eastern states. We are 100% independent and have no bias in the results we produce.
With over 25 years’ IT experience, a web-based solution was the obvious answer.

Informed Decisions
Our Salary Tool allows you to accurately identify what is the Industry Average for Salaries in your industry, otherwise known as “Best Practice”. Now you can compare directly with your peers and competitors.
We are certain that once you get to use our Salary Tool, your company will confidently be able to refer to a source of data that you trust as being reliable and accurate.
We’re so confident of that that we offer a no-obligation FREE trial and – on top of that – a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Security & Privacy
We also know that privacy and security are important to you. That’s why we do not disclose any private information or send any information via email or mail. All information is captured in a secure web-based database and consolidated instantly. All subscribers have a secure login, and we maintain a strict Privacy Policy which governs the use of any personal information we collect (such as email addresses).

Give Us Your Feedback
Benchmarkme is about being able to make you more competitive. So please contact us with any feedback, suggestions or problems. Whether you want to see more defined selection criteria or even more data to capture and compare… This is how we improve, so we’d love to hear from you.

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