Why businesses choose Benchmarkme's Salary Tool

Analyse how competitive you really are.

Benchmarkme is all about helping business "decision-makers" in their Salary Review process. We understand that you spend a great deal of time and effort to try and accurately gauge what is a fair and reasonable salary for each of your staff. Examples of our users include Business Owners, HR Managers and senior managers..

Understand your customers better. Understand your competitor's customers too!

Benchmarkme is able to quickly survey your customers to find out more about their thoughts and needs. If needed, we are also able to survey your competitor's customers and find out how you compare. Benchmark both internally and externally. All this is done in a strictly confidential and secure manner.

Make informed decisions.

Our Salary Tool allows you to accurately identify what is the Industry Average for Salaries in your industry, otherwise known as “Best Practice”. Now you can compare directly with your peers and competitors.
We are certain that once you get to use our Salary Tool, your company will confidently be able to refer to a source of data that you trust as being reliable and accurate.

Security & Privacy

We also know that privacy and security are important to you. That’s why we do not disclose any private information. You only get to see your individual staff details, and not any other company's. You provide a unique ID for each staff member, with no names captured.

Calculations using your Industry terminology.

Would you like to see in an instant, the average, median, minimum and maximum paid for, broken down by criteria applicable to your specific Industry?
You now have access to accurately inform you of what is a fair and reasonable salary for your size organisation. Compare directly with your peers and competitors in a confidential manner. You also can use the tool to prove to your own staff what the going rate is for someone at their identical level.

Feel confident knowing who is in the mix.

Do you receive information not knowing which companies are participating and how many staff make up the results?
Being totally independent, we disclose which companies are participating and how many staff members make up a particular calculation. You get to see the amalgamated results of all participants, and get to see at an individual level for your own Company.


Gabrielle, HR Manager - Boyce Chartered Accountants (NSW)

I have found the development of the Salary Tool a great bonus when it comes to undertaking Salary Reviews. In the past we have relied on other data that is too generic and doesn't specifically meet our needs. Having an online - real time mechanism that is simple to use is a great step forward. We are hoping to use this further and take the mystique out of salary reviews - by having this resource available to our directors to demonstrate the "real market". The Salary Tool is a great step forward for small to medium accounting practices.

Customers that trust us